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I sold my old Pentax K1000 before I moved to Australia. Thinking back I’m not entirely sure why as I had loads of space for it in the trunk. Anyway I missed it so I bought a Pentax Espio 738G and then a Canon A1 to take some snaps. Here’s a few of my favourites.  [C0E22EF0-F790-40EB-B372-735959ED1946.jpeg] [9BB2A52F-7EF8-4143-B285-92B3B2BD95B4.jpeg] [060ADF4D-72FC-4DC7-BA49-F1DC16E11C4D.jpeg] [64814C9F-66CE-46DC-BBC6-CDBE444742D3.jpeg] [4ED34253-7CAE-4FEF-A6B5-90F32F4196D8.jpeg] [D6F666C0-C9CA-4C5F-910E-481DA8D01011.jpeg] [07CE1C29-51CE-4908-A74A-8BE4E6E470DE.jpeg] [EF183406-FED4-4892-BC75-0F1F91B40FFC.jpeg]
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