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Stealing Artwork Using Stable Diffusion

Jack O'Hara
I recently came across this article in which an AI enthusiast had replicated the style of a particular artist. The original artist wasn't very happy about this but still... the results were undeniably amazing. I recommend reading the article to blow your mind a bit. They generated a model using stable diffusion which takes prompts such as a dog flying over a house and returns a depiction of it. You can then train your own keywords with relevant images to stick into the prompts. So... if you take an artists artwork and train a keyword such as their name you can generate art in their style using prompts like a dog flying over a house in Goneplace style.

A friend of mine who creates art under the name Goneplace is a very talented and has an incredibly unique style.
From the Goneplace Instagram:

I trained my own model using this Google Colab notebook and 20 images of his comics. The results don't quite capture the nitty gritty style of Goneplace but they were pretty cool. Check them out.

Orange monster alone

Fat horse in trench coat
Rainy day for monster at Tesco

James Corden as a dog
Ugly monster goes clubbing

The hotdog police
If you liked these make sure to check out the real art from Goneplace which blows these to smithereens. He also makes and sells some gnarly clothing