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Moving to Postcard

Jack O'Hara
Previously I hosted my site on GitHub pages with Jekyll. Jekyll was an improvement on what existed before - raw HTML and dodgy CSS. However it’s still a pain to post updates using it. I have to clone the repository, write the article in markdown, fix image links, fix Jekyll if my local installation is broken, and finally regenerate the page and preview it locally before committing it to GitHub. Not exactly simple.
I want to post more updates on projects, hobbies, life, and whatever goes. I discovered Postcard in a comment on Hacker News and it’s a perfect fit.
  • It has a minimal UI and does a few things really well.
  • It’s very simple to create and update a page.
  • It lets me slap my domain on the front with no hassle.
My old site is still around - it's just entered retirement. There's not a lot on it but check out a few of my favourite posts. Looking back there seems to be a trend of reverse engineering. 
  • Facebook Groupify - create Spotify playlists from links posted in Facebook Groups.
  • Glastonbury Bot - using Chromium to maximise the chances of grabbing tickets. I managed to snag a few 2023 tickets this year!
  • Scraping Facebook - the worlds most painful site to scrape.